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Requesting Removal of your Photo and Data

You may request removal of your media, contact info, and data, at any time from our web services by simply emailing Upon receipt of the email we will contact you for identifying information, we will remove your photo or video within a reasonable amount of time (typically within 48 hours, or earlier, if requested, and if possible). We consider any opt-out request from a Guest user as synonymous with a request to remove photos and/or data. We require specific information in order to locate your photo and honor your request. If the information you provide to us is inadequate or incomplete, we may be unable to delete your data without asking for and receiving additional information. Once your photo and data are permanently deleted, we will not be able to recover them from our platform, and any links that associate your photo with our platform will no longer work. 


Privacy Policy Overview

You can always contact us with questions or requests about your data at Prior to doing so, please read this Privacy Policy Overview, which answers the most common questions about data use and practices.

I4K Franchising, LLC. And Images4Kids franchises (“we” “us” or “our”) sells school and sports photos to individuals.  The term used herein to describe the customers (the customers and/or parents of those who have had their photo taken) is “Guests” or “Client Customer.” The purpose of this statement is to inform our Client’s and Guests, of the kind of information we may gather, and how personal data may, or may not be, collected, protected, deleted, and used, by us or by individuals and Clients that use our Services at their own events to collect and/or view photos, videos and data.

By using our Services, whether you are a Guest or Client, you consent to the collection and use of your information as described in this Privacy Policy, which was last updated on August 31, 2020. If you do not agree with our policies and practices, your only choice is to not use any of our Services.

We do not control the Privacy Policies of any of other Data Collectors or 3rd Party Partners, nor that of their affiliate advertisers or 3rd Parties. We do not have control over the Privacy Policies of any Client or Marketing Partner or 3rd Party, we cannot attest to, or have responsibility for, what they may do with your data.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the following:

·         Any other website, even though that web site may appear to be affiliated with us and/or may be linked to one of our Photo Display Pages.

·         Any advertiser or 3rd party application or content, even though they may appear to be affiliated with us via a link accessible from any Photo Display Page website or through any of our Services.

We reserve the right to change our policies at any time for any reason.  If changes are substantial, a reasonable effort to notify our Clients via the email address provided will be made.  Continued use of our Services beyond such changes and our efforts to notify you means that you agree to be bound by those changes. This updated policy, and any future update, is intended to incorporate the recent changes in requirements of the US, and recent changes in California privacy laws. In all cases, it is our intent to comply with the swiftly changing landscape of recent and updated privacy laws.  We make efforts to quickly and efficiently all reasonable request to remove data, media and associated PII that may be associated with your use of our system.


Permission Based Marketing

I4K encourages permission-based marketing. Some Marketing Partners notify consumers that by participating in activities, they may be granting permission to be solicited via email and direct mail. At the web sites of both I4K and our Marketing Partners, you may have the opportunity to request additional information, communicate with other sponsors, opt-in to further permission-based marketing lists, or link to the sites of other advertisers, opt-out from further communications, or to be deleted from the database. Please carefully review the Privacy Policies of other participating firms, to ensure that you are fully aware of how they might handle your information.


What We Collect and How We Use Your Information

When a Client uses our services, our Platform gives them the ability to collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) via a survey and/or other entry fields within the interface. Some of this information is relevant to the photo delivery (e.g. the Client may collect your SMS phone number or your email address to deliver the photo).  We may also collect other information including (but not limited to) the user’s name, screen name or user names, zip code, product preferences, etc.

If you are a consumer, and purchase merchandise from us, we use your personal information to fulfill on those requests, which may sometimes be handled through 3rd party vendors (e.g. a photo merchandise vendor). We may also use your information to send you promotional communications, such as special offers, surveys, newsletters, etc. You have the ability to opt-out of these communications at any time by clicking on the clearly visible links that are included with each form of communication

From time to time, we collect statistical data and information in an automated fashion. This does not include personal information, but we may associate it with personal information collected in other ways or received from third parties, provided to us by you.

You may have the option to disclose information and/or answer survey questions. Personal information may include your name, address, company, title, email, phone number, and other demographic or preference information. Survey information requested by Marketing Partners may differ, from survey to survey, and may cover a wide range of questions.

In addition to any information we might directly collect as described above, both proactively and automatically, we also collect information through our platform on behalf of Clients, 3rd party users, Marketing Partners, and business partners.

Upon viewing your media on or through our platform, you may also have the option of forwarding your content and adding additional content (collectively, “User Content”) to the site or to other sites, via a variety of social channels and platforms (e.g. post to Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS forwarding, etc.).


Privacy of your Photo or Video

Your photo or video is displayed on a semi-private web page that is initially displayed via a system-generated URL that is forwarded to your SMS or email address or accessed by entering a unique code into a web form.  In most cases, you can invite others to see your photo or video by share of link.  Your invitees are able to forward that URL to others without your consent or knowledge. We do not warrant that you are protected from irresponsible or intentional actions of third parties. Users can post your photo or video to various social networks by clicking certain links or buttons on your photo web page or video web page. Other sites may have alternate privacy policies that apply to media displayed on their site(s).


Cookies and Tracking

I4K and partners may set and access “cookies” on your computer. These cookies collect data while you are accessing hosted web pages. Examples of collected data are: how and when pages are visited, by how many people, other sites visitors click through to, and what their personal preferences are.

I4K also uses Web Beacons (also known by other names like pixel-tags) that enable us to count the number of visitors to a page, count the number of clicks, and monitor related statistics, among other similar tracked statistics.

Some web browsers offer restrictions, such as a ‘Do Not Track” option, which allows you to signal Collectors that you do not wish to be tracked with regards to certain activities, such as which third-party partners you click to or which offered online services you might use.


Cookies 3rd Party Applications, Advertisers, and Links

I4K may use 3rd party applications, including Service Providers, for various purposes including, payments (e.g. Stripe), relationship building (e.g. Pardot), the marketing and growth of our business (e.g. Google Adwords and Salesforce) and the performance of services on our behalf, such as gathering and analyzing information (e.g. Google Analytics). These Services Providers and 3rd Parties have their own privacy policies, which are out of our control. We invite you to review the policies of 3rd Parties so that you can understand the ways in which they collect, use, maintain, protect, delete, and disclose your information.

The Service Providers may also use Cookies for tracking your activity. Cookies placed by third parties may continue to track your activities online even if you navigate away from an I4K site offered by us.



I4K strives to honor a high standard of privacy and opt-in protocol. Any ongoing communications will include an opt-out method in the same email.


Your California Privacy Rights

California Civil Code Section § 1798.83 permits users of the Site or the Applications that are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please email us at

California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)

California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) applies to any person or company in the United States (and conceivably the world) whose website collects personally identifiable information from California consumers to post a conspicuous privacy policy on its website. In order to comply with CalOPPA companies must provide link to their Privacy Policy on their home page, allow for anonymous visitors to its web site, be informed of changes via updates to the Privacy Policy web page, and follow other common-sense rules and specific dictates. PM adheres to such rules.


Supplemental Privacy Notice for California Residents

This Supplemental Privacy Notice supplements the information in our standard Privacy Policy. Except as otherwise stated herein, the following applies solely to residents of the state of California and to user’s personal information we collect on or through the software or services.


Summary of the Information We Collect

California law requires us to disclose information regarding the categories of personal information that we have collected about California consumers. We are also required to disclose categories of sources from which the information was collected, the business or commercial purposes (as defined by current laws) for which the information was collected, and the types and categories of parties with whom we share personal information.

We or our service providers may collect the below categories of information for the following business or commercial purposes (as those terms are defined in applicable law):

·         Auditing consumer usage or interactions on our site (e.g., measuring ad impressions);

·         Detecting, protecting against, and prosecuting security incidents and fraudulent or illegal activity;

·         Bug detection, error reporting, and activities to maintain the quality or safety, or improve the efficacy, relevance, or general level of our Service;

·         Customizing content that we display on the Platform;

·         Other uses that advance our place in the market, and increase our commercial or economic interests, such as third-party advertising; and

·         Other uses about which we may notify you of from time to time.

Examples of these types of uses are identified below.

Categories of Personal Information We Collect Categories of Sources Examples of Uses Categories of Third Parties With Which We May Share That Information
Personal Identifiers (such as name, email address, SMS phone number or various other survey questions which may or may not be customized by our Clients our by us. ·    By You
·    Your use of our services/automatically collected from you
·    Affiliates
·    Third Parties (such as agents/service providers)
·    Delivering your photo or video
·    Marketing and advertising
·    Communicating with you, e.g. customer support ·    Analyzing, Fixing and improving the Service
·    Third parties (such as service providers and Site Hosts)
·    Affiliates
·    Clients who provided the service to you using our Platform
Commercial information (such as transaction data, merchandise purchases, photo sharing software use data) ·    You
·    Your use of our services/automatically collected from you
·    Affiliates
·    Third Parties (such as agents/service providers)
·    Providing the Service, including providing the ability to share photos or videos
·    Marketing and advertising
·    Communicating with you, e.g. customer support
·    Analyzing, Fixing and improving the Service Preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to fraud,
·    Providing 3rd party services, such as photo sales
·    Third parties (such as service providers)
·    Affiliates
Other information that identifies or can be reasonably associated with you (such as communications you send us) ·    You
·    Your use of our services/automatically collected from you
·    Affiliates
·    Third Parties (such as agents/service providers)
·    Providing the Service, including providing photo capture devices ·    Analyzing, Fixing and improving the Service ·    Marketing and advertising ·    Preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to fraud, unauthorized access/use of the Service, breaches of terms and policies ·    Third parties (such as service providers) ·    Affiliates


Rights with Respect to California Residents

If you are a California resident, you may have certain rights.  California law may permit you to request that we:

·         Provide you the categories of personal information we have collected or disclosed about you in the last twelve months; the categories of sources of such information; the business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling your personal information; and the categories of third parties with whom we shared personal information.

·         Provide access to and/or a copy of certain information we hold about you.

·         Delete certain information we have about you.

You also have the right to not be discriminated against (as provided for in applicable law) for exercising certain of your rights. Certain information may be exempt from such requests under applicable law. We need certain types of information so that we can provide the Service to you. For instance, to deliver your photo to you we need some type of simple contact information such as your email or SMS phone number.  If you ask us to delete your photos and data, we’ll need that type of basic info in order to identify you from the millions of photos hosted on our system. Once we delete your photos or data, you may no longer be able to access or use the Service, and any photo links that you may have posted to social media will no longer work.

If would like to exercise any of these rights, please submit a request to

California residents may opt out of the “sale” of their personal information. I4K does not “sell” your personal information as we understand that term to be defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act and its implementing regulations, and we have not sold your personal information in the past twelve months.

California Do-Not-Track

We do not respond to browser-initiated Do Not Track signals, as the Internet industry is currently still working on Do Not Track standards, implementations, and solutions.

COPPA Policy Concerning Children Under the Age of Thirteen

For children under 13 years of age, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is designed to provide companies with data collection guidelines for protecting children’s privacy and safety online. I4K may take photos and videos of participants of any age, but, in compliance with COPPA and other existing and proposed laws, we do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under thirteen years of age. If you are under thirteen, please do not provide any information of any sort. If I4K discovers that a child under the age of thirteen has provided any personally identifiable data, it will delete all information collected on that child. If you are aware of any information provided by a child under 13, please follow the instructions at


Fair Information Practice Principles

FIP (Fair Information Practices) is a general term for a set of standards governing the collection and use of personal data and addressing issues of privacy and accuracy. I4K is committed to honoring both the spirit and the letter of these principles which govern a wide variety of areas including;

·         Collection and Use Limits – there should be limits and any data should be collected lawfully and fairly

·         Data Quality – Data should be relevant to, and accurately maintained for, the purpose at hand.

·         Purpose Specification – Customers should know why their data is being collected

·         Security Standards – Data should be reasonably protected

·         Individual Participation Principles – Individuals should have rights with regards to reasonable request, responses and legal recourse, anent their data.



The CAN-SPAM Act establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

We strive to be in complete compliance with the CAN-SPAM act by not using false or misleading subject lines, identifying messages versus ads, letting recipients know where we are located, and making it easy and clear to opt-out to any future communications or remove their data from our servers.



The policies indicated in this Privacy Policy will remain effective, even if the Terms or Service and/or any other agreement between us, and/or any use of our services has been terminated.


Contact Information

If you need to reach us for any reasons with regards to our Privacy Policy or practices, you may contact us at